Slow Motion Cowboys – In Exile/On the Mesa

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan


First of all, let me say wow! I have been listening to this nonstop for 2 weeks now. If there was such thing as perfect country music, this may be it. First, there is a plethora of twang, which suits me just fine. You can never have too much twang or too much pedal steel – also called a slip iron.

This was recorded live in Taos, New Mexico on KNCE.  Although it is live, it is recorded flawlessly.  The release starts off strong with “Foggy Moon”, a beautiful, yet haunting tune.  Then it marches full steam ahead in “Bisbee”.  A few tracks later, there is a drinking song (YIPEE!!) entitled “Bartenders Best Friend”.  It can’t be considered a country record without a drinking song.  And this is a good one with pedal steel beautifully overlaid throughout.  Next up is “Stone Walls & Steel Bars” , A Stanley Brothers tune and it never lets up. Just one great country ditty after the next. Every listen makes me wish I was at some Texas open air bar drinking cheap beer and tequila with this music as a backdrop. This may be the crack of country music since I can’t stop listening. Go to Bandcamp and buy this release. It is $10, so it won’t break the bank. Whatever the price, consider it a bargain.


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