It’s Good To Be Lonesome by The Lonesome Billies

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan


I don’t usually comment on the album art, but this cover is particularly striking.  Looks like an old western photo with cowboys, indians, and a Mexican.  It certainly sets the tone of the record just from the picture.  Well the music stays true to the cover.  The music is gritty, earthy, and a throwback to the days of classic country and honky tonks.  

The tunes are well written and extremely catchy.  Good use of humor in such tracks as God Damn It Bill.  The song opens with the lines “God damn it Bill, where have you been? you’re missin’ your boots Bill, and you smell like gin, you’re on the wagon, but it’s got no wheels. God damn it Bill, God damn it Bill.”  And it has twangy guitar licks straight out of the honkey tonks.  I found myself singing along.  “God Damn it Bill, God damn it Bill”…….Ah hell, I lost my train of thought… The Day I Lost My Life is another song that seems to be laden with humor.  You wouldn’t think that a song about death would be humorous, but this one seems to be.  I have to be careful about saying a song is funny.  I remember some years ago I commented to a song writer that I thought one of his songs was funny, but he did not agree and got extremely offended. So I use the term humorous loosely.   Other songs seem to have a more serious tone such as Better to Forget, Stay Lonesome, and Die Lonesome.  

This is a keeper and worth the $10 download or $17 for the vinyl .  It feels good to say vinyl again!  Buy this, you will be happy you did.

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