Beat Root Revival (Self Titled) on Toulouse Records

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

This is not normally something that I would review. I am usually drawn to albums that are a little noisier and a little bit “sloppier”. Maybe I need to change my criteria for reviews because this is very, very good. Beat Root Revival is a duo from the United Kingdom. Ben Jones and Andrea Magee, who comprise the duo, now reside in Austin, Texas. They make great music together. I like great harmonies and this self-titled release has plenty of them.

Every track is peppered with soothing harmonies and really great vocals. Jones and Magee both take turns at lead vocals. This duo is a definite partnership. The songs range from soft and sensitive like Hold On, to the very energetic, such as Before It Gets Too Late and Keep on Moving. Jones describes his influences as blues, rock and 60’s pop. That definitely comes through on this album. Nothing Left To Lose and Hold On sound like it could have been Sgt. Pepper’s era Beatle tunes. The duo does an outstanding job of melding influences into their own unique style. Reasons to Believe is the perfect last track for the album. It is an exclamation point. The music is just right, not too fast and not too slow. The lyrics let us know that we are all looking for the meaning of life or reasons to believe.

I can tell you this, I believe you will love this album. Not sure? Take a listen to some tracks here. And once you believe me, you can buy it here.

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