Drive Til U Die by Hymn For Her

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Drive Til U Die by Hymn For Her is a stunner. Hymn for Her is a male/female duo made up of Wayne Waxing and Lucy Tight. They create a style that is really indescribable +and not appropriate for labels. That is because they cover a lot of ground, from Americana, rockabilly, hillbilly, punk, and just hard rock and roll. What a mix it is. It totally works and Drive Til U Die is living proof. For two people, they make a lot of noise. Waxing, plays acoustic guitar, harmonica, drums and sings similar to the way Jesse Fuller used to do it. He is definitely a multi tasker. Tight, plays a three string guitar made out of a broom handle and a cigar box. They really aren’t like anyone you have ever seen or heard before. Totally original, unconventional and exactly what moves me.

Drive Til U Die comes out of the gate strong like a thoroughbred racing for the finish line with the barn burner Devil’s Train. It tones down a bit for the next 3 tracks and picks up steam on Hi Ho Silver. This number is about their travails across the country in their antique silver Airstream trailer. Comparing their trailer to the legendary horse of the Lone Ranger. This is one for heavy rotation for me. If you like talented musicians with great harmonies who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty every now and again, this is for you. You can see the video here for the song Shine, which will be on the upcoming album. Drive Til You Die will be officially released on August 12, 2016. I will provide details regarding purchase information as they become available.

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