Girls On Grass (Self Titled) on Girls On Grass Records

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

I am perplexed by the name of this band. Is it about girls that smoke marijuana? Is it about girls (and guys) who play a derivative of bluegrass music? Well bluegrass is a bit of a stretch. Kinda’ sorta’ bluegrass. Maybe I should ask them. Either way, what’s in a name? The name piques your curiosity, the music retains it. If I had to harbor a guess as to a musical description, I would call it a cross between country music and 90’s alternative. I am going to coin a name right here for this genre: “Twangle Pop”. I know. They can’t all be winners.

Unlike my attempt at creating a musical genre, this album is surely a winner. Beautiful singing, harmonies, and guitar work. It is all wrapped up in a beautiful package. When I listen, I find myself thinking: Wow! Perfect song composition! Sometimes I listen to a song and think, well I would have arranged it differently. Not with Girls On Grass. I can honestly say that I can’t think of one moment where I would have arranged a song in a different manner.

Girls On Grass also delivers a heaping helping of twang and feedback. You know how I feel about twang, heck it’s in the name of the website. I love feedback too! It may be my favorite instrument. And Girls On Grass has it. Not too much, but in the perfect measurement. This is adult angst, not teen angst. The songs are very cleverly written. Not too literal, they make you think about the song.

There are a couple of recurring themes on this album. One is career decisions on tracks such as Father Says Why and Pissin Down A Road. Another reappearing topic is people that need an attitude adjustment. Drowning In Ego, When The Pleasure Ends, and Return To Earth cover this subject matter beautifully. Have a listen on their Bandcamp page. Once you hear, you will want to buy some “Grass”.

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