Above the Horizon by Maradeen (Release Date October 21, 2016)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

This is a really nice release! Good old fashioned rock n roll. I bet this sounds better in Colorado or Washington with some legal recreational marijuana, if that’s what you’re into. Maradeen is a rock n roll outfit from Nashville, Tennessee that is firmly rooted in country and southern rock. Even some jam band going on here. This five piece has been around since 2014 but clearly their musical journeys began before then. Lyrically and sonically, this band is top notch with beautiful guitar solos and vocals laced throughout Above The Horizon.

This is a very listenable album and it’s quite infectious. Some of the songs are little bit softer and more produced than I normally like such as Livin’ For The Weekend (Track 2) and Lost In A Dream (Track 3). Having said that, even those tracks are quite enjoyable. They are more than balanced by the other tracks on this album which are all quite rocking and upbeat. All of the songs are played with immense talent and musical precision of a professional outfit.

By track 4 (Like A River), this album really starts to cook like a nice steak in a hot pan. Sizzlin’! This track is absolutely lovely. There are beautiful vocals and harmonies and backed with some really nice Garcia-esque guitar fills. This song definitely has chart topping qualities to it. Speaking of Garcia-esque guitar riffs, Let You Be My Man (Track 6) has Jerry’s fingerprints all over it. Laced with Shakedown Street guitar solos throughout, this song is clearly Maradeen and not the Grateful Dead. The song winds down with some really jazzy horns that add a nice touch to this song. Summer Worries (Track 7) is an atmospheric number that is really catchy. Fandango (Track 9) really illustrates the band’s vocals and harmonizing capabilities. Absolutely serene harmonies and backed with dreamy guitars. A good formula for a classic. The album ties up nicely with a swampy number entitled Till I Find My Way Home. I think this song may be about some substance. Just a hunch. Either way, this song is a really nice wind up for a fine release.

I highly recommend this release. 

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