Here The Blue River by Haroula Rose on Little Bliss Records

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

There seems to be an underlying sadness and hauntingly beautiful tone to this album. Rose’s voice cuts through the bone like a sharp surgical instrument. This is her sophomore release and she is really developing her own unique musical style. Her writing is quite good and the backing music and vocals give me a chill as a wave of emotion rushes over me. There is something special about Rose’s voice that gets into your heart and soul.

Less is more in this case as the minimalism of this release makes it very special. There is not a lot of instrumentation on any track, as the goal is to showcase Rose’s beautiful voice. Moon and Waves (Track 3) has hit making potential. This isn’t just a nondescript pop song. It is different is a good way. The lyrics and vocals are deeper than most pop songs. This is surely a cut above the standard issue top 40. Maybe that is why I am so fond of it. It does not follow a formula but rather carves its own path. Margo (Track 2) is another track that has the ability to make the charts. Again, fortified with great lyrics and vocals. This track is also strengthened by ambient guitar parts that add to the haunting and ethereal quality of this song.

I think 2016 has been a special year in music as this release is another must have for any music collection. This is not superficial pop music that will be forgotten in 6 months. This is crafted with thought and substance and surely has staying power. Secure your copy from Amazon here.

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