EP3 by Saints Analogue

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

EP3 is the 3rd release by Saints Analogue. Clearly, they are not interested in the name of their releases. To them, the music and vocals trump all else. It is a good strategy and works because they have the talent. Other factors are not nearly as important. Analogue Saints consist of the following members: Dave Percefull – harmony vocals, guitar, and Hammond; Adam Odor – harmony vocals and bass; Phil Marshall – lead vocals, guitar, and Wurlitzer; Josh Center – harmony vocals and drums. They have worked together to support other musicians for over 10 years and now Saints Analogue is their project. It sure is a good one. If you like a little noise with your rock and roll, you will love this. There is tremendous chemistry on EP3 and it sounds like a live album even though it was recorded in a studio. That’s because these guys just roll the tapes and play. They don’t do any knob twisting or overdubs. They don’t have to because they got the chops to flat out play.

Their styles voyage from straight rock and roll, a little late 80’s alternative, to southern rock. I don’t want to spend too much time analyzing their style. It doesn’t matter that much. The important takeaway here is that is works. And really that is the most important thing. Nantucket Sleigh Ride (Track 4) immediately caught my ear. They really know how to move from slow to fast and soft to noisy so well. This is an amazing song worth of airplay. Well, that is if there was a radio station with balls to play music not dictated by someone else. But I digress. 20 years ago, this song was hit worthy. Today, it is a flawless song that may just stand the tests of time.

Roof Above My Head (Track 2) is another standout. Definitely harkens back to the salad days of late 80’s early 90’s music. Great loud guitars and vocals really make this track shine. My only complaint is the length. It is too short. I want more tracks. You can try EP3 before you buy here. I can always buy and listen to Ace and 2. You can too, for that matter. Here ya go.

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