Demo by Casual Chaos

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

This looks really promising. If these three songs are any indication of the future, I like what I hear. Casual Chaos is a trio from Brooklyn, NY that makes a ton of noise for three people. They package that noise quite nicely into a twangy, punk rock package. They sound like early Parquet Courts. Got a Pavement/Sonic Youth/Ramones feel to it as well. If all music sounded something like this, that would be fine with me. This is definitely my sweet spot and Casual Chaos is all over it. Only three songs has left me wanting way more. All three songs are very strong offerings. They all have that quirky early punk thing happening, but all three songs are distinct. There is no problem differentiating the three. If I have to pick a favorite, I would have to say Opaque Reality. It is an extremely catchy punk rock ditty that I could listen to over and over. It is a keeper for sure. The whole EP is a keeper, but we need more. Make a full album soon fellas! Until then, the EP can tide you over here


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