Foot To The Pedal by Dave Perron

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

The first thing that caught my attention was Dave Perron’s very deep voice. A little gravelly and road worn which works perfectly for this style of country music. Very nice bluesy, rockabilly, outlaw country offering from Dave Perron. Another stand out are the guitar leads on this album. They are noteworthy. There are a lot of players on this album so I am not entirely sure who is playing the lead, but whoever it is does an amazing job. Dave Perron is a Green Bay, WI native who relocated to Colorado and submerged himself into the Colorado music scene for more than 10 years. He has travelled all over the country playing music with his band, The Laughing Bones. Now, Perron tries his hand at a solo project and he produced a winner.

Million Miles (Track 5) immediately touched my soul. It has all of the elements that move me: pedal steel, great harmonies and vocals, and a riveting guitar solo. The words aren’t too shabby either. “A million miles of rail, I have to ride, singing songs that I’ve kept inside, dreaming of a woman that I used to meet, as the diesel engine, it just screams.’ Truck Stop Love (Track 3) is another beauty. A perfect country ballad. It is about romance that blossomed at the truck stop. It is a very compelling song with beautiful harmonies about a one night stand. This song also has a great piano solo that adds so much to this song, turning it from good to great. Unrequited (Track 11) is the perfect way to close out this album. It is about love not returned and the pain that accompanies that. Another tune with great writing and playing. A song that should be heard on country radio, but…Well you can hear it and read about it here. And you certainly should.

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