Fangs Death Deep by Scientific Maps

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

This is psychedelic garage band bliss and it is divine. Most songs seem to be inspired by vampires, horror movies, monsters and zombies. Scientific Maps are a Brooklyn, NY outfit that have been around since 2003. This has given them 13 years to hone their craft. And they have it down to “science” (pun intended). Some good lo fi noise with power chord driven guitar, bass, strong vocals, and wonderful harmonies. I would describe them as a mix between The Cramps, The Sonics, and The Troggs. Again, taking the best elements and sounds form those bands to create something that walks the tight rope between modern and nostalgic. They gracefully walk that line, as they belt out tunes about terror, nightmares, caskets, and biting monsters. Their songs are incredibly infectious and more importantly, fun. Even with the light hearted aspects to some of these songs, you shouldn’t get the wrong idea. These songs are well crafted and masterfully recorded and produced.

Sideways Incredible (Track 5) is definitely a tune that has real potential to be a lasting hit. Well written lyrics, great vocals, heavenly harmonies, ambient rhythm guitars, and feedback laden leads. If you think that isn’t a formula for success, you need a refresher course. The distorted guitars get the ball rolling and the vocals and harmonies roll that ball home. Another song that showcases the incredible harmonies is The Miser And His Cursed Gold (Track 2). The chorus states, “Give me everything I want, give me everything I want, and then give to me again. Great sentiments. I want everything I want at least twice so this is definitely a song I can relate to. The Right Kind Of Light (Track 1) is a fine opener again with absolutely breathtaking harmonies and vocals. This release is worth checking out. I am sure you are going to like it.

You can listen and buy Fangs Death Deep here. 

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