The Butcher Papers EP by The Singing Butcher

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Damn! Only an EP! That was my first reaction to this short yet sweet release from The Singing Butcher. Pure country with pedal steel galore, gorgeous vocals, and very intelligent writing. These are prime cuts from The Singing Butcher. No Choice or Select here, only corn fed prime cuts. Timothy George is the real name of The Singing Butcher. And yes, he really is a butcher! And he sings! George was born in Omaha, Nebraska and was raised on the banks of the Wabash River in Indiana. Now George makes his home in Nashville and splits his time working as a singer/songwriter by night and a butcher by day.

The formula George uses to create such wonderful music is unknown, but whatever it is I say he should keep it up. If chopping and cutting meat gives him inspiration to write moving, thought provoking country ballads, then who am I to judge? Shoulder Deep In The Blues (Track 3) immediately caught my attention. First, George wails this tune beautifully, walking that fine line between singing and caterwauling. He walks that wire perfectly, creating a perfect blend of singing and wailing. This song is quite unique for another reason. It shifts tempo in the song to create drama and true listening appeal.

It seems I’ve lost my heart and,

I don’t know where to start,

Spitting venom at the woman that I love the most,

When all that she wanted was for me to hold her close.

The lyrics are outstanding. George took a subject like a broken heart that has been covered more than Donald Trump’s bald spot and created lyrics that are innovative and awe inspiring. And the music is great too. Early Morning Heat (Track 1) is a great opener with good picking and twang. The song is about rambling, another great country theme to write about. George laments about never staying in one place too long, a trait acquired from his mother. All in all, a great release. My only beef (pun intended) is the length. I want more tuneage.

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