South Texas Suite EP by Whitney Rose on Six Shooter Records/Thirty Tigers (January 27, 2017 Release Date)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Wow, a stunning EP from Whitney Rose with 50s style country charm and grace. This is not your garden variety pop country. This is a perfect follow up to Rose’s 2015 release heartbreaker Of The Year. Definitely no sophomore jinx here as every one of the six songs on this EP is  hit worthy. She isn’t even from the US, she is Canadian. But you wouldn’t think she was from anywhere but Texas when you listen to her music. She said she grew up on a healthy diet of classic country when she was growing up and it shows. Her songs and her personna are legit. 

The first offering on this EP is Three Minute Love Affair and it is a great Tex Mex number. About a whirlwind romance. That doesn’t last vary long but is very passionate when it is process. It is written and sung beautifully by Rose. She has a voice perfectly suited for classic country. She has great range and a very sultry voice that will please the staunchest of critics.

My Boots (Track 3) is another outstanding tune. This is pure honky tonk all the way. Loaded with twang and sass about feeling comfortable when Rose is wearing her boots. It is about being yourself and feeling comfortable regardless of your social stature and economic status. Pretty profound lyrics from Miss Rose. This song would sound great on any honky tonk juke box. You can;t go wrong with any of the songs on this EP so whichever you pick as a fave is a worthy choice. Check this out on release date.

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Whitney Rose talks about the making of South Texas Suite

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