14th & Willow by The Bogart Jones Band on Peel & Stick Records

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Immediately, the great production work and harmonies on 14th & Willow caught my attention. These guys are heavy weights. It is easy to hear that they have more talent than most and it really shows up in their music. These guys are from Central Illinois but listening to their music, you might think they were from somewhere deep in the bayou. They definitely have some jam band in them, but they are way more than that.

These guys can twang it up with the best of them. Just listen to My Angel, The Devil, And Me. That is pure country heaven with a cornucopia of twang and plenty of honky tonk. This was a first-listen winner and did not require any time to “grow on me”. They know how to change tempos perfectly to add to the emotion to this tune. I want to yell “yeehaaa” at the top of my lungs. It makes me wanna get rowdy. Another stand out is I Need Some Money which is tinged with Allman Brothers and Little Feat influences. It is a bluesy, boogie woogie number that had a lot of potential. Also, has very nice Hammond Organ fills that add texture to this tune.

Shuffle On is a southern rock tune with a double guitar attack that sounds utterly sublime. The construct of this song is absolutely flawless, a clear indication that these guy know exactly what they are doing when it comes to recording. Miserable is another song that is steeped in southern rock style and tradition and could easily become an anthem. I can’t stop playing or singing this one. There are another eight songs that could have easily made this review, but that would mean every song would be included. I need to show a little restraint and discipline. 

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