Welcome To The Show by The Shane Tubbs Band

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Very nice fusion of country and blues. Welcome To The Show is country blues extravaganza. This Mississippi trio is comprised of Shane Tubbs – Frontman/rhythm+lead guitar, Ed Swan – Bass/backup vocals, and Shonda “Shawty” Williams – Drums. For a three piece, they sure do make some beautiful noise. Shane is a great picker and Ed and Shonda do quite a good jog holding up the rhythm section. 

As far as pure country numbers go, Welcome To The Show contains quite a few of them including Crappie, Moonshine, Miss, and Gone. But like I said, these guys can also play the heck out of the blues. Actually, Gone could be considered a crossover number since it is both country and blues. Whatever you call it, I call it a great song. There is also an Easter Egg track at the end of Welcome To The Show and that song is a really really nice old time country number. Since it is untitled, I will take a guess at the title. I think it should be titled Too Many Verses In That There Amazing Grace.

So for the blues fans in you, fear not. There is plenty of good blues on this album to keep you happy. Roses, She, One and Treehouse has the bases covered nicely in the blues. This trio can play whatever is presented in front of them and play it well. All three are very talented musicians and that talent really comes through in Welcome To The Show. This is a good one so you should do yourself a solid and give them at least a listen.

Listen to Roses, Crappie and She off of Welcome To The Show

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