CornFed by Gun on Rusty Knuckles Records

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

This is described on Apple Itunes as aggressive Americana. If that is another name for blues on meth and steroids, then I agree. This in not your parent’s Americana. This may not be for everyone, but it is definitely for me. Listening to this is like kick boxing. It is very physical and interactive. I don’t have to go the gym after a listen. Gun provides enough of a workout for me. This music is super fuzzy and distorted, loud, aggressive, noisy, and just downright filthy. And addictive. Once I start in on the first note, it is difficult to turn off. I hear elements of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Jesus Lizard, and Left Lane Cruiser. If you are a fan of any of those acts, you will love this one. 

The vocals at times are indiscernible which works quite well with this music. Hard As Nails (Track 3) is a perfect example. It starts out with a rather typical blues riff, but the rest of the song is completely atypical. The volume is turned up to 100. I get the impression these guys don’t record many takes. They plug in, record, and go. This sounds like a live album and a lot of that live energy really comes through on the recording. I feel my heart rate elevated a little just from listening. When I say aggressive, I am not exaggerating. It is like two male hippos fighting for mating rights. 

Snake Wine (Track 2) is a blazing number that gets me pumped up. I have to fight the urge to punch a hole in the wall. It has an amazing groove and the noise and feel make this song extremely infectious. Corn Fed by Gun isn’t just an album, it is a way of life. Consider yourself some of the lucky ones and pick this one up. 

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