Bullrider (Self Titled)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Disclaimer: If you are offended by cartoon nudity, maybe you should pass on this review. There is a hand drawn female nude next to a skeleton and she is holding a foreign object that may be offensive to some people. OK, this concludes my public service announcement. I don’t get the feeling that Bullrider is that concerned about offending people. Their songs are full of references to sex, meth, heroin, booze, and smoking. Having said all that, this is a great album. It is well produced, has great vocals and musicianship and well written lyrics. Definitely not for the little ones, but a really great listen to those of us over 18 years of age. It is mix of punk, country, rockabilly, and psychedelic rock. Quite a mix and it really comes together nicely. 

If you mix Patti Smith with Man Or Astroman, I think you will come close to capturing the sound of Bullrider. I am sure most people are familiar with Patti Smith. Man Or Astroman, not so much. Give Man Or Astroman a listen and then listen to Bullrider and tell me if I am onto something, or not. As I mentioned, it is a very easy album to listen to. The vocals are really good. Not sure the name of the main singer, since there is very limited information available about Bullrider. One thing I am pretty certain of, the the main vocalist is female. In addition to being of the female persuasion, she has great pipes with a very good range. She even has a little bit of that falsetto thing happening. I will be listening to this for a while. Give Bullrider a whirl for yourself. 

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