Honey, Won’t You Spare Some Bills by Patrick Storedahl

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

This release by Patrick Storedahl is brand spankin’ new, having just been released on January 24th. It is clear to hear the difference in style and the musical growth between Ink Block Fingerprint in 2004 and Honey, Won’t You Spare Some Bills in 2017. The latter album has many more musical instruments including horns than Ink Block did. Certainly, a fuller and richer sound than was on Ink Block. That is by no means meant as a slight. It is a huge compliment. No artist can be successful or fulfilled if they continue to release the same album over and over. If you listen to any artist with musical longevity, their tenth album never sounds anything like the first album. If the sound never changed, there wouldn’t be a tenth album. This is a true testament to Storedahl’s talent and vision that Honey, Won’t You Spare Some Bills sounds different than Ink Block Fingerprint.

Different, only but equally as good, What didn’t change is Storedahl’s great writing ability and the skills to craft a song that is edgy and also melodious. Patrick and still do that whether he is using 3 instruments or ten. This album sounds less like Big Star and seems to have more of a swampy. boogie woogie feel to it. I immediately thought this sounded like Little Feat, not completely, but had some elements of that. There are a few Little Feat references in Honey, Won’t You Spare Smme Bills, so I think I am on the right track. 

I was standing on the railing,
Of the bridge just chewing gum, 
While the mayor counted money, 
And the police chief wiped his gun, 
The rock star at the hotel, 
He went crazy on the TV set, 
Now he’s a fat man in the bathtub, 
With a bullet in his chest, 
Hey mama, can you tell me any news, 
I’ve got seven stones of happiness, but I can’t shake these blues.

That is from the song (Hey Mama) Seven Stones of Happiness but I Can’t Shake These Blues (Track 10) The fat man in the bath tub is a lyrical reference to Little Feat and the music itself is a reference as well.

Under The Sun (You Can’t Blame Me) is my early favorite out of the gate. I am sure I will add others to the list, but early on, this one caught my ear. Great slide guitar throughout makes me very happy. Also the country blues style lyrics definitely makes my ears quite satisfied. Oh, some nice horns really adds depth and interest to this number. While this is a new album, it already resonates with me. I am sure that I will have a deeper appreciation for this release after another ten listens or so. Stay tuned……

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Video for Dream (Track 1)

Video for Honey, Won’t You Spare Some Bills (Track 4)

Video for Sunday Veil (Track 7)

Video for San Jose (Track 12)

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