Ranking This Year’s Ameripolitan Music Award Nominees, Rockabilly Group

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

This is the tenth of 12 installments reviewing nominees in each category of Dale Watson’s 2017 Ameripolitan Music Awards. Voting is now over for this year’s batch of nominees but we will carry on with the review until the event on February 15, 2017 with a look today at this year’s Rockabilly Group nominees. 

amer-10-a-silvershakersIn the true spirit of rockabilly, The Silvershakers were founded upon reckless abandon; taking on a gig as the opener for a local burlesque show before they were even a band. The energy and chemistry unleashed on that fateful night were undeniable, and the foursome quickly realized their unique meld of rip-roarin’ n’ riotous female-led rockabilly, 50’s country, jump blues, and swingy lounge music had left the people wanting more. It turns out that Tara Norwood’s smooth howls and lip-quiverin’ growls, backed by Mike Rickard’s fiery guitar licks, Frankie Cadillac’s chest-thumpin’ bass lines, and Matt Norwood’s hypnotic drum beats, make it impossible for any cat or kitten out on the town to keep their hind-ends squarely in their seats. 

amer-10-b-doelThe Doel Brothers are a four piece rockabilly outfit from across the pond in Hants, England.  They all have experience playing in different bands, but they decided to come together and make the music they love. They are students of the rockabilly performers that came before them and have an affinity for Hank Williams and dodgy rockabilly. These guys really are brothers and the band is aptly described as three brothers and a pal. 

amer-10-c-jittery-jackJittery Jack brings his East Coast bang to the world of Rockabilly and 50’s inspired Rock ‘n’ Roll. He has headlined at the Viva Las Vegas festival numerous times, and has toured internationally headlining many festivals including UK’s Rockabilly Rave and Australia’s Camperdown Cruise. Jack has also recorded for both Wild Records in Hollywood, CA and Rhythm Bomb Records in Germany who released his 2014 full length, “Gonna Have A Time”. 

Amer 10 (d) Don Diego.jpgDon Diego, born in 1975, began playing classical guitar in 1986.  Then like all his peers, came of age in the early 90s, to rock and blues. In 1994 he founded the Adels, as a power trio oriented to a rockin’ Texas blues sound.  Over the years, it has evolved into a neo-rockabilly formula known and appreciated throughout Europe. He played with them until the early months of 2014, when he decided to focus on his own project.


Nathan Belt & The Buckles are the perfect blend of rockabilly, Bakersfield country and modern music featuring stellar vocals and clever instrumentation. Nathan Belt is an award winning musician and performer who has been winning over the hearts of music lovers since early 1994. Performing worldwide, from across the United States to Europe, Asia and South Africa, Nathan has grown as an artist, songwriter and vocalist and honed his own mix of rockabilly, Bakersfield country and the modern sounds of today to help formulate what has now become Nathan Belt & The Buckles.

The Rockabilly Group category is represented well, both in the United States and Europe. All of these bands are the genuine article and do this for the love of the music and the genuine love pof performing in front of a live audience. 

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