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Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Very rocking album from the former guitar player and frontman of The Georgia Satellites. This is great raucous music, kind of a cross between Drive By Truckers instrumentation and Warren Zevon vocals. Maybe a little more southern rock than Americana, but another album right in my comfort zone.

Very loud and semi distorted guitars seems to pepper almost every song. Some of the tracks seem to slow it down a bit and take down the volume, but this is overall a very upbeat and uptempo album. Not a good study record but more of a Saturday night party selection.

Baird has been an active musician since 1980 and a member and founder of many projects. This album is truly a solo effort and recorded mostly at Dan’s home studio. The drums and bass were recorded at Joe Blanton’s (Royal Court Of China) house. Blanton also did backing vocals and mixed the album. The mix is perfect, loud, raucous, and edgy, just what I like. Although a little on the noisy side, it is still plenty musical and sonically pleasing.

Baird describes SoLow as a “loose” concept album that deals with him getting older and “the shit that happens when you forget to die young.” As I have stated before, all albums are concept albums. I prefer to call this a themed album, since most of the songs deal with a singular issue. Ah, personal preference. It doesn’t matter what you call it. I prefer to label it damn good music that is part country,  and part loud rock and roll. That adds up to a very solid album.

If you liked the Georgia Satellites, you will love Naughty Marie (Track 4). It opens in similar fashion to a Satellite’s song with twangy, prominent guitar. It certainly makes sense since Baird was the driving force behind both projects. This song is a flat out rocker and should be played at high volume. If you like your music a little more on the country side, you will fancy Won’t Take Much (Track 8). This song had a great groove and the makings of a nice anthem. Really nice backing vocals are the thing that set this song apart from the pack. All in all, this is a fantastic collection of music and another must have for 2017.

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