Standing At The End Of The World by Spencer Robinson

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

WOW, I say! Just wow! This is dark, haunting, and completely captivating. It is garage, a little bit surf, and a little B horror movie. If Nick Cave and The Cramps ever consummated their relationship, Spencer Robinson would be the offspring. Robinson spent a number of years as the bass player for the LA band The Lords Of Altamont. While the style is somewhat similar, Robinson has slowed it down and stripped it down as well. This sound is more minimalistic than the Lords. 

It sounds fresh and something that has staying power. All of the five songs on this EP are absolutely amazing. Robinson’s voice is fantastic and completely fits with the music. Part singing and part preaching makes these songs even more vivid and haunting. The writing is also top notch.

Robinson writes intelligent and thought provoking lyrics that are challenging. Don’t Need No Jesus (Track 5) is one of those numbers. It questions the existence of God and also the hypocrisy of organized religion in general. One of the verses describes a so called man of God telling others what to do, yet does not practice what he preaches. It is a good song and even if you do not agree with the premise, it will make you think. 

Religion, or lack thereof, seems to be a recurring theme on this five song EP. Say Hello To The Devil (Track 2) takes the lack of religion one step further. This song actually talks about dealing with Satan himself. Robinson still vocalizes in that half talk, half sing technique that is very effective. The haunting guitars makes this song even more scary and more believable.

Although this is only five songs, this EP is a heavyweight. It is eye opening and groundbreaking at the same time. This is another one that cannot be ignored. Don’t let this one pass you buy.

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