Wasting Time With Ghosts by Canyon Ride

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Very nice EP from Canyon Ride in Philly, just up north. The only issue I have with EPs is if they are really good, I am left wanting more. That is where I am with Canyon Ride. This five song offering is extremely well balanced. All of the songs are equally good. Just not enough music for me. I left the table eating only the appetizer and wanting the entree. Oh well. hopefully good things come to those who wait. 

They have been together since March of 2014 and the three years have been very productive years. The band gels nicely and creates some great noise and harmonies. Here is the lineup: Kelly Derrig – vocals; Cam Clark- guitar/harmonica; Ryan Kosinski – bass; and, Chris DeSaye – drums/percussion/supporting vocals. Definitely guitar heavy Americana with some very soothing Natalie Merchant style vocals. Kelly Derrig has a very strong and lovely voice. The guitars are on the heavy/noisier side of things, which definitely delights me. It is the perfect compliment to Derrig’s vocals. The rhythm section is solid as well. Shout out to Kosinski and DeSaye. 

I really like the pace and sound of Wasting Time With Ghosts. I think they are onto something good here. Just wish for a bigger sample size. Hopefully, they are working on new material to whet our appetites. In the meantime, we can snack on this.

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