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Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Seventies stoner/southern rock from Sweden. This stuff is outstanding. I would have recoiled if I had listened to this stuff 15 years ago, but I am mature enough to accept this music now. Not just accept it, but truly enjoy it. It is rootsy, bluesy, and rocking. If Bad Company and The Black Crowes joined forces, it would sound like this. You would never guess that these guys are from Sweden or even that this release is only three days old, but both are true. 

These guys did their homework of 70s music and created something that has all of the elements of blues rock from a far gone era, but still current and unique. Piece Of The Peach (Track2) is a guitar driven rock number that has a little Zeppelin, Bad Company, and even some Ted Nugent from Stranglehold. It is a song that could become the next rock and roll anthem. 

If you are a Bad Company and 70s rock aficionado, you will really take a liking to When Love Comes Around (Track 5). It is seven minutes of hard blues rock goodness. The keyboard and guitars are the painting while the vocals and the harmonies are the canvas. The words are not particularly original, but that doesn’t matter. Everything in tangent makes this song what would be an FM radio darling. Well, that is if there was anything that resembled FM radio of the 70s and 80s. But if there was, this song would be right up there.

Take Me Home (Track 4) is a power ballad extraordinaire. It has amazing vocals and harmonies that blend perfectly with the guitars and keyboards. Definitely takes me back to 1976 in some smoke filled arena with the smell of marijuana wafting through the auditorium. The Frisbees and beach balls would be flying as the masses cheer when Backwood Spirit plays Take Me Home. 

I am ready to embrace 70s rock again and Backwood Spirit is the perfect way to show my commitment. It took 25 years but I am back. And luckily there are bands like Backwood Spirit to fill the void.

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