Electric Fever by Them Vibes

Reviewed by Jonathan DeWoskin

Hello again everyone. Harry sent me another album to review and, if you’ve read my previous reviews, you’ll know I’m the kind of listener who prefers to put on an album and let it play through. Electric Fever does not lend itself well to this kind of play. Each song is separate and distinct from the one it follows. You’ll wander between punk, funk, soft rock, hard rock, pop, blues and even a touch of country.

That is the end of my foolish criticism. Who am I to tell a band what genre they should focus on? They nailed every song!  So… I stopped playing the album in order. I listened to each song and took a break between each one to collect my thoughts.

If you’re like me, you have playlists you curate for different occasions. I have one for driving with my wife. Another for driving alone. A third for driving top down like a felon. There’s one for the gym. One for running. Another for grilling with friends on the patio. A few more for dinner parties. As I add music to my collection, I drop various songs into the queues for when I think I’d like to hear them. You want limit the variety of tempo and genre to keep the feel the same across the playlist.  No one wants to ease into Lionel Ritchie after fifteen minutes of Metallica.

What I’m saying is Electric Fever is a great collection of songs from an abundantly talented group. Rhythm, tempo and key – they’re TIGHT. If you’re open to different music genres, you’ll enjoy every song on this album. Need a song for your gym routine? Add “Shoot the Messenger” to your playlist.  Drop in “Hangin’” at the end for your cool down. House party with friends? “Love Will Never Fade Away”, “Sha La Loo Ya”, “Dance All Night” and “Out of the Blue” are great mellow songs to have in the background.  Biking or running? “New Religion” will keep you pumping. These guys (and gal) have a sound to which you can relax, get down, get funky and/or get loose. Don’t miss them.

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