Weep by The Great Sadness

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Every once in a while, music comes along that is a game changer. Something that is so unique and special that it actually rewrites the criteria of the genre or completely creates a new genre. I am not sure whether this rewrites Americana or creates a genre no one has ever heard of yet. Either way, this is a game changer. It is bluesy, “dirgy” (not sure if that is a word, but it is now), and just astounding. 

This is part doom metal, punk, hard blues, alternative, and country. A very interesting mix, indeed. All I can say is, it works. This music may not be for everyone, but it is at east worth a couple listens to decide. My guess is, there will be quite a few converts if Weep is given a proper listen. If you mix the sound of Babes In Toyland, Jesus Lizard, The Melvins, and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in a blender, that emulsion will be The Great Sadness. 

Cathy Cooper, the vocalist, has a great voice and one of the best screams in rock and roll. If you need some proof, listen to Deserter (Track 3), Birdman (Track 4), Tonight (Track 5), and Never (Track 7) to list a handful. Also, there is a recurrent theme of these very muddy guitar fills reminiscent of Jesus Lizard and The Melvins. The refreshing part is that those elements were combined with some country textures that work very well together and create a rich sounding, powerful album.

I am a huge fan of this. Like I said, this is unique and original. There really isn’t any other Americana type of music that I can think of that sounds remotely like Weep. What that means is that The Great Sadness are true innovators and creators of vital music. This is an essential add to the collection. 

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