Haunted Heart by Cowbell on Damaged Goods

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Cowbell takes the early lead in the race by opening the album with the title track Haunted Heart. A conglomeration of psychedelia, surf, and rockabilly are the identifying marks of this tune.

It is quite brilliant and is different than other albums in this genre. It has more harmony than most rockabilly and and a bit of a softener so the psychedelic aspect is a bit understated. All in all, this song is a rocker that will stay with me for a while. 

Maybe the most amazing part of this album is that Cowbell is a duo. Yes, a duo made up of Jack Sandham on vox, guitar, and keys & Wednesday Lyle on drums and vox. I was really floored because album contains a whole lotta sound, much more that I perceived that could be mad by just two individuals. Nonetheless, Sandham and Lyle raise quite a beautiful racket and still maintain an economy of personnel. Cowbell hail from London, England.

There is no shortage of heartbreak songs in Americana/country music world. And Cowbell added to the pile with their entry Something’s Gotta Give (Track 5).

It is a different take on the sad heartbreak country song. In fact, this isn’t what i would classify a country song. It contains some elements, for sure, but it is all encompassing. This song has saxophone with an absolutely beautiful, yet understated sax solo. 

This is a very fine album with a genre trifecta of rockabilly, surf, and psychedelia that creates a novel and vert impressive sound. This is another strong contender in 2017. Don’t miss the boat on this one. 

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