Run Skeleton Run by David Childers on Ramseur Records

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

This album goes from rockabilly to honky tonk and everywhere in between. Right out of the gate is the title track, Run Skeleton Run. This song is rockabilly royalty. It is more than just rockabilly. Childers uses a fiddle on this track so it is not exclusive rockabilly. But, it is an amazing song. Just because it starts off as rockabilly doesn’t mean it’s gonna stay there. In fact, it does not. David Childers covers some serious musical ground on this album. All disciplines that Childers touches on Run Skeleton Run turn to gold. 

David Childers was a musician and then became an attorney and then a musician again. I am glad he came back because Run Skeleton Run is a dandy! I noticed that the production work on Run Skeleton Run is really flawless. Absolutely perfect mixing and production value. Then I see that the producer was none other than Don Dixon, who produced REM and The Smithereens. 

One of the top songs on Run Skeleton Run for me (so far) has been Belmont Ford (Track 7). This song is sonically beautiful. It also tells quite a tragic story. This definitely reminds me a little of the Drive By Truckers. It is an absolutely brilliant song. 

Childers also does a very nice job on the slower ballads as well. Ghostland (Track 5) is a gorgeous number that sounds like a cross between Ricky Nelson and Roy Orbison. This is a very sad number but presented so beautifully, that it is easy to forget this is a sad song. The lyrics will properly ground you. 

One of the finest Americana albums I have heard in the last ten years. The writing, singing, and playing have come together to make something magical. After hearing Run Skeleton Run, I am glad David is back making music. I am always inspired when someone makes a sacrifice, passion over a career. I use the term sacrifice loosely because I am sure David doesn’t see that as a sacrifice at all. Nor do I.

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