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Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Holy water! Holy smokes! Damn, this is good! Gethen is a singer and songwriter from Huntington, West Virginia. Gethen had quite an indoctrination to bluegrass and honkytonk from a very young age. Clearly, it stuck with him!

Jenkins has had quite a journey already. His teenage years were spent in Galena, Alaska, a rural Indian village on the Yukon River. Jenkins spent eight years in the U.S. Marines and now settles in Southern California. Take a look at him, he looks the part of outlaw country and the music is “as advertised”.

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This EP reminds me of Waylon Jennings. Especially, the firs song which is also the title track. It is clear after listening to this song Where The Honky Tonk Belongs that the honkytonk belongs right on over here. My goodness, this is pure outlaw country and it is magnificent! It makes me want to get a tad rowdy. Just yellin’ and carryin’ on, no fighting. But ready for a foot stomping good time. 

Hot Rod Roller (Track 2) is pure bad ass outlaw and rockabilly. Gethen also has that deep, outlaw country voice. It is perfect! This song tells the tale of a player, a lady’s man, or a playboy. Take your pick. Also, someone who is a rambler. This also has some So Cal pedal steel licks on this track that are as fine as I have ever heard. 

The EP starts and ends on a honkytonk song. If that isn’t pure outlaw, tell me what is. Honkytonk Life (Track 6). This isn’t just a song, it is a way of life. This is about not being able to shake that honkytonk style. This vocals have some really nice George Jones inflections. If they actually played real music on terrestrial country radio, this song would be the face of music. Heck, it is because I just declared it.

This fella Gethen Jenkins has all the makins’ of a big, big star. I’m talking Stapleton big. The voice is perfect, the songwriting is great, and the instruments are rocking. It’s a trifecta. Let me rephrase that, it is a winning trifecta. 

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