Lillie Hiatt Live at Club 603 – Baltimore, MD September 6, 2017

Lilly Hiatt - Full BandReviewed by Harry Kaplan
Before I even discuss the music, some time needs to be dedicated to describing the venue, Club 603. The setting is an oasis in Baltimore City with mature tress and no indication that you are within city limits. It is a complete escape for the drudgery and stress of daily life. The grounds are pristine and beautiful. Almost too beautiful to fathom that it is real. I got the feeling that I was actually on a movie set, not a private home. 
This hosts are gracious enough to open their home to have bands playing their house and many people in their house at one time. They rearrange the furniture to make the house “band friendly”. Not an easy task to pull off and quite a large sacrifice. 
When you enter the home, there is food and drinks provided by the hosts. People bring other things: food, wine, and beer. The evening had a very communal spirit to it. The stage, which is normally a living room, is adorned with a lot of white Christmas lights which really elevates the aesthetics. The band mingles with the crowd and it is perfect. There is no green room. They even have a place for the artists’ merch. A very sophisticated operation.
Even before the music started, I had an incredibly warm feeling from the venue. I made a conscious decision to remember the surroundings really well so I won’t ever forget that divine imagery and positive energy around me. Before the music started! On to the music…..Amazing! The band is tight and loose at the same time. Tight because they play together as one instrument. Loose because they are very relaxed on stage. They even appear to be having a good time! 
A super nice sounding band. They got some edge, but no too much. This music definitely does have a whole ton of attitude. And then there’s Lilly. Incredible stage presence and ability to bond with the audience.
Lilly sings and tells stories of her life, both good and bad memories. I told her she reminded me a bit like a cross between Liz Phair and Lucinda Williams. That is the kind of honesty and punk rock attitude you’re gonna get with Lilly Hiatt. Lilly and company played for a very respectable 90 minutes. It went by like a flash. If you ever get a chance to see a show at Club 603, I highly recommend it. I also recommend that you see Lilly Hiatt and the band as soon as possible. The likelihood of seeing her in such a small venue for very long is dwindling. 
Lilly Hiatt Setlist
All Kinds Of People
The Night David Bowie Died
I Wanna Go Home
Trinity Lane
Get this Right
Jesus Would’ve Let Me Pick The Restaurant
Too Bad
Everything I Had
Machine (Lilly solo acoustic)
Rotterdam (Lilly solo acoustic)
Sucker (Lilly solo acoustic)
Different, I Guess (Lilly solo acoustic)
So Much You Don’t Know
People Don’t Change (Encore)
See Ya Later (Encore)
Buy Trinity Lane (Lilly’s brand spankin’ new album) on her website
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