Lukas Nelson Live at The Cannery Ballroom as part of Americana Fest – Nashville, TN – September 12, 2017

Lukas 2Reviewed by Harry Kaplan
Sometimes the stars align just right to create magic. And tonight was one of those evenings. It was, well……..magical. I am at a loss for alternate words because magical is the best way to describe the visual and auditory sensations I experienced. Lukas Nelson And The Promise Of The Real are some damn good musicians with a stage presence rivaling the greats. 
I never realized what an amazing guitar player Lukas is until I witnessed it live. Calling him a virtuoso is not a stretch. My jaw did hit the floor on the first solo that he played early in the set. By the third solo, my jaw had no where to go. It couldn’t drop any lower. Just listen to this solo from Set Me Down On A Cloud:
If he was any more smokin’, he would catch on fire. The crowd all had their mouths agape, much like I did. We knew we were witnessing something special. Unfortunately, the set had to end after 45 minutes to accommodate the other acts. Let me speak for the 1,500 people in attendance. We could have gone another two hours with Lukas and POTR and been perfectly fine. 
In addition to the fine playing and singing, Lukas is very comfortable on stage. No doubt, the years of touring with his dad and Neil Young have paid off. He is a great story teller and grabs the crowd’s attention in between songs. The story grabs you, the music takes you away. Part country and part rock and roll, this is what music was intended to sound like. See them live if you can. Listen and buy their latest offering to tide you over. A very wise investment, indeed.
Lukas Nelson And The Promise Of The Real – Complete Set
Die Alone
Four Letter Word
High Times
Fool Me Once
Forget About Georgia
Find Yourself
Set  Me Down On A Cloud
Listen and buy the self titled album from Lukas Nelson & POTR
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