Paul Cauthen Live at Southgate House Revival – Newport, KY – September 28, 2017

Review by Harry Kaplan
A life can be compared to a jigsaw puzzle. Each odd shaped piece of a different size represents a decision, choice, or life event. It is our job as humans to fit those pieces together to create something that resembles a beautiful picture. Some peoples’ puzzles look like pristine landscapes, while others look like a jumbled mess of random pieces with huge gaps where the fragments should fit together. Paul’s puzzle already resembles a portrait of the Grand Tetons, majestic and fairly complete. 
As I have stated before, The Southgate House Revival is one of the best venues to see live music, bar none. The fact that it is an old church, complete with stained glass and lancet arches, makes it a religious experience. The sound echoes a bit, which adds to the heavenly and ethereal quality of the room. My only complaint is that more people should have been there. This is the best club for live music in the Cincinnati metro area and more people need to take advantage of this. I, for one, try to take in every moment.
A church is a very fitting venue for a Paul Cauthen concert. Not because Paul is religious, but because Paul’s songs are like mini sermons and they are very personal with lessons attached. This is one service I can attend over and over. Paul is my kind of clergyman.
One thing I can say without any hesitation is that Paul’s band is one of the best. These guys can flat out play. Paul gives each member the latitude to shine and play solos. I really cannot say enough good things about the band. Just look and listen to the opening number, Still Drivin’:
Let’s introduce the band: Matt McDonald on bass; Taylor Powell on drums; Sevans Henderson on keys; Daniel Donato on lead guitar; and, Paul Cauthen on lead vocals and acoustic guitar.  I would like to give a special mention to Daniel Donato on guitar who looks like a young Steve Winwood from Traffic’s 1972 American tour.
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Steve Winwood



Daniel Donato


Not only is there a physical resemblance, but Daniel absolutely smokes on guitar. One of the best guitar players I have seen in a very long while. This young cat has a bright future. They all do.
Picking highlights is a tough proposition, since there were so many. If I am forced to make a decision, I would have to say when Paul sang My Gospel, it was a moving, emotional moment for me. Maybe the alcohol had something to do with it, but seeing Paul sing that song in a church literally drove me to tears. I admit, I cried like a baby. When I see and hear raw emotion and someone bearing witness like that, I can’t help but get choked up. As Paul stated so eloquently, “This is my gospel, this is my truth.” Just writing it now gives me the chills.
Paul and the band closed out this blockbuster set with a super charged version of Hanging Out On The Line. The strength and conviction of Paul’s voice definitely makes this song something special. To see it live in all its glory was a purely magical moment. One of the top ten live music moments of my life. It conjures up images of Joe Cocker. It was a glorious night and I am glad I was there to bear witness. That is MY gospel, that is MY truth.
Still Drivin’
Marfa Lights
Be There Soon
Have Mercy
Once You’re Gone
My Gospel
Folsom Prison
My Caddy
Lil’ Son
I’ll Be The One
Hangin’ Out On The Line
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