Becca Mancari: Good Woman (Gold Tooth Records/Tone Tree Music)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan
This is a perfect union of pop, country, and alternative. This is what pop music should sound like: creative, catchy, and intelligent. This album has all that and more. It is the epitome of beauty. As I listen, I want to stay right where I am and concentrate on how good the music makes me feel. I don’t ever want to lose this feeling. 
Powerful words for powerful music. This is Becca Mancari’s solo debut, but she already sounds like a veteran. This album is not only filled with brilliant playing, but the production and mixing are absolutely brilliant. A perfect contrast of hard and soft. Hard are the lyrics and soft is Becca’s heavenly voice that touches the soul and will never be forgotten, once heard.  
Becca Mancari was born in Staten Island, New York, to an Italian-Irish preacher and a Puerto Rican mother, Mancari has lived a life of transition – from working as a janitor in South Florida, to writing songs with train hoppers in the Blue Ridge Mountains and seeking spirituality in India. But it was her time in Virginia and Nashville where she found the roots music that would continue to inspire her musical evolution to today.
So what makes this music so darned good? It starts with Becca’s voice and the smart song writing. The next contestant is the song composition that is very thoughtful. Becca seems to have grand vision for this album where the words are important, but just as important is the music. The sweet, sweet music. It borders on shoe-gaze, and it works so well with the vocals. 
Just take Summertime Mama (Track 3) for example. This song is both beautifully sung with heavenly guitars backing up the vocals. This song will be a tremendous hit. It is a perfect summer song to be listened to on a sunny day with the top down. The slide guitars and pedal steel give this track a dreamy feeling. It is blissful. 
Blissful is not just reserved for Summertime Mama. No, Arizona Fire (Track 1) is full of bliss also. This song is like waking up from the best dream ever! It makes you feel good all over. The lyrical content is not a happy subject. It seems to be about a very hard break up. Even though the words are tough, the music softens it up like Snuggle does to bath towels.
Another song that has legitimate hit potential is Waiting So Long (Track 2).  The perfect blending of pop, gorgeous vocals, and thought provoking lyrics. The triple play. And it is executed to perfection. Even though the music is up tempo and and a bit on the happy side, the lyrics are heavier and keep the whole composition well anchored. Not too high, not too low. 
Of course this a buy recommendation. This is nine songs or pure magic. Becca puts the pop back in pop music. And it has been a long time coming. This album has the potential to be mentioned with the greats, it is that good. Check it out for yourselves. Trust but verify. 
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