Steve Earle and Bob Weir: Blue Bear School of Music Benefit at The Haight Arts Center – October 5, 2017

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan
This video is important for the following reasons: 1) It’s Steve Earle and Bob Weir! 2) It is for a very worthy cause 3) The video and sound quality are great 4) It’s Steve Earle and Bob Weir! Although I was not there, this video is the next best thing to being there. Steve Earle is a master up on stage. He can tell a great story with the best of them. He tells a story about the the song “The Devil’s Right Hand” involving his son, Justin Townes Earle that is captivating, poignant , and funny. Hard to mix all three elements together, but Steve pulled it off with flying colors. 
Then you have Bob Weir, who is considered a living legend at this point.  And so is Steve,  for that matter. Bob just gets on stage and unselfishly defers to Steve, since it is Steve’s set. I was truly amazed and inspired by the lack of ego and bravado displayed by both performers. If either one exhibited a little bit of ego, no one would blame them, but no. There was no ego in the room, and that was completely refreshing. Just two pros playing great music together.
Set list
Copperhead Road
Goodbye Michelangelo
The Devil’s Right Hand (w/Bob Weir)
City Of Immigrants (w/Bob Weir)
Friend Of The Devil (w/Bob Weir)
I Know You Rider (w/Bob Weir)
Buy So You Want To Be An Outlaw by Steve Earle
Buy Blue Mountain by Bob Weir

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