The Liza Colby Sound: Draw EP (Oh Baby Productions)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan
This is something I rarely do. I listened to this, by choice, for two weeks before I even thought about a word to write for a review. That is my highest compliment. It is rare that I listen to anything for pleasure anymore; however, Draw made me listen. The power of Draw commands me, the power of Draw commands me. It’s an Exorcist reference for the youngins that don’t understand what I am talkin’ about.
Again, my complaint stems around the length. Four songs? It’s so short. I could use a good dose of about ten more songs. But the four songs on Draw are all heavy weight contenders. I am going to try to lasso a description of The Liza Colby Sound. I would say 70s soul mixed with some pre heavy metal hard rock. Sort of a cross between Betty Davis and Led Zeppelin. This is rock and roll that hearkens back to an era when rock and roll was dangerous and fun and all about taking risks.
The music is a little bit naughty, but in a good way. Liza definitely plays up her sexuality when performing and when recording. The sex appeal comes through the music very clearly. If you got it, flaunt it. And Liza Colby has got IT. The music is such an easy listen. It takes me back to a time when too much excess was the right amount. It’s what we need right now and Liza is Johnny On The Spot.
The good thing about a short EP is that I can cover most of it. So from a self serving perspective, it’s better for me, writing wise. I am always jockeying for an angle. This whole EP is coverage worthy. So here goes:
The song on here that moves me more than all the others is White Light (Track 3). It is part Season Of The Witch and part What Is And What Should Never Be. Liza adds a totally different element to this song with her unique and powerful singing. This song is five minutes of total bliss and escapism. Escapism, not forever, just for now. This song is perfect to get the batteries energized with a five minute break.
Now let’s take it from the top. The next song in line for most moving has to be the opener, My World (Track 1). This is a rather revealing track that speaks volumes about Liza. I commend her honesty and her ability to turn her observations and revelations into art. This song is exciting, fun, and deep. A triple threat. I love the very bluesy, understated (at times) guitar riffs that turn this song up to a 15 from a ten. 
Cryin’ (Track 4) is a bluesy, rock and roll masterpiece. Liza’s voice is absolutely spot on and she delivers a perfect, soul inspired number that is hot to the touch. Molten. This is what perfect rock and roll sounds like. And it sure sounds good.
That leaves the final track, I Love You (Track 2) for the final spot. This is a 70s style soul song that is destined to become a classic. It brings back everything good about this era. Liza pours out her heart on this song. The pleas are very powerful and believable. Another example of how the music fits in so perfectly with Liza’s voice.
This is the first time in a long time where I actually covered an entire EP. That’s 100% coverage, if you are keeping score at home. This is another must have, something I say on a frequent basis. I can’t help it, this has been a banner year. Add another release to completely break that music budget.
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