Violet Bell: Dream The Wheel (EP)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan
I really like the psychedelic sound that snakes its way throughout the entire EP. There is a lot of open space and some really fantastic fiddle that can, at times, sound happy, sad, angry, or haunting. Let’s not forget the singing, acoustic guitar, and the mandolin. All the elements come together perfectly to form something that burns brightly. 
Violet Bell is a duo comprised of Lizzy Ross and Omar Ruiz-Lopez. They hang their hats in Durham, NC. Their style is very difficult to accurately describe. It is an amalgamation of a lot of genres. The easy ones are folk, country, and bluegrass. The more esoteric ones are elements of classical, jazz, blues, and as mentioned earlier, some psychedelic flair.  
The first thing that struck me was the talent that is spilling over the sides. Lizzy’s voice is pitch perfect and strong enough to shatter glass. Omar is pretty good on the vocal front as well. But what really distinguishes Omar is his ability to play the fiddle, violin, viola, and the mandolin. 
Violet Bell are able to blend sounds of nature and animal sounds into their songs. It totally works. The mix is perfect and the sounds of animals and insects actually becomes another supporting instrument. 22 Acres Waltz (Track 5) is the perfect example of how this gorgeous instrumental track uses outside sounds that not only enhance this song, they elevate it. 
And then into the last song of this EP, Vampire (Track 6). Vampire is almost Gothic. Not just because of the song title, but the music paints a chilling and dark picture. The violin parts add to the darkness and the weave in naturally into the fray of the other heavenly sounding instruments. 
Violet Bell is definitely on their way up. The talent is not just evident, it smacks you in the face it is so prominent. I have a feeling this is just the beginning for this talented duo.
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