Yellow Feather: And Gold (KK Records)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan
This is the fifth listen and I still cannot get enough. It really encompasses so many different styles and genres and totally nails all of them. These folks from around the Asheville, NC area are some fine musicians. That includes the rotating lead and backing vocals. And the writing.
The writing is intelligent, serious, and tends to lean toward the light hearted at times. There are many instances where Yellow Feather use wording that could easily become catch phrases. Take “If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’.” Granted that one is already a catch phrase, but Yellow Feather uses it beautifully. And Gold” really does cover a lot of ground, stylistically speaking. Of course ya got country, but there is so much more. Even a little nod to 80’s Brit Pop. 
When it comes to the music, it is hard to get past the opening track, If You Ain’t Cheatin’ with out grooving a bit. It’s also excessively difficult to overlook the super smart lyrics that are sung with brilliance. This is a tongue in cheek song about infidelity. Pretty clever play on words. I’ve heard that expression used in sports, mainly baseball.  This is the first time that prophecy has been used to describe sleeping around. It’s clever as all hell and makes me smile. I dare you not to smile. 
The song following is a perfect follow up. Sounds like Laid by James from the late 80s (hence the Brit Pop reference above). I always did like that song, even though I never would have admitted that back then. I have the courage to confess that right now. I also really like Swallow You Down (Track 2). In addition to Brit Pop, country definitely plays a prominent role in this song. The slide and lap steel really capture the Americana. 
This is definitely a must own. New year, new music budget. Although this is Yellow Feather’s debut, great things are on the way. They really are the total package. What really defines them is originality and the ability to push the boundaries of Americana to to sights never before seen. 
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