2018 Ameripolitan Award Nominees For Outlaw Group

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan
For those of you that need a refresher, Ameripolitan is the moniker given to “real” country music. It encompasses such categories as honky tonk, outlaw, rockabilly, and western swing. All of the four food groups are represented. These awards are very important because this is the ONLY forum to recognize the men and women that have, and are, dedicating their lives to preserving these forms of music. This isn’t a revivalist movement at all because that would mean that these musical genres went somewhere. Not true. They have been here all along, it just needs to be returned back to the people. 

Here are the nominees for Outlaw Female 2018:
Amer 18 OG BucksnortBucksnort Beauties Rebecca Jed found a kindred spirit in Mae Bliss when she met the TN hillbilly in East Nashville. Jed and Mae crafted Jed’s latest EP, Wildfire & Moonshine in 2016. They are excited to debut Bucksnort Beauties’ first official single and music video, Cockadoodledoo. these ladies have already built up an impressive following before the release of their debut album.
Amer 18 OG MorganWhitey Morgan And The 78s Emerging from the Detroit area music scene, Whitey relentlessly tours the country spreading his sound and attitude everywhere he goes, ripping 200+ shows a year. He plays honky tonk in any club in any town without apology. With many accolades under their belt already, this band is one of the faces of modern outlaw country.
Amer 18 OG StompersBarnyard Stompers Blue collar road dogs that stay loyal to their roots and stand by their own genuine, dynamic sound and style. After all, pure outlaw country by definition, has always been evolutionary. Barnyard Stompers are sincerely proud to help pave the way for the next generation of outlaws. Always placing Honky Tonk first, front and center.
Amer 18 OG ChrysRyan Chrys & The Rough Cuts Formed in January, 2013, they have since been touring steadily through the North, Mid and South West states. Influenced by the songs and personalities of legends like Waylon, Willie and Johnny. They drive their sound with blazing guitars, gritty lap steel and a rock n roll attitude. They have garnered many accolades in their five year tenure.
Amer 18 OG JennyJenny Don’t & The Spurs This outlaw outfit from Portland, OR has been kickin’ out the outlaw country jams since 2013. Their style is mixture of traditional honky tonk with a healthy dose of punk rock rhythm, speed, and attitude. They sing about trouble with law, romance, breakups, and being down and out, subjects right out of the outlaw country playbook.
Ameripolitan Award Outlaw Group Playlist

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