Frances Luke Accord: Maria (Single Debut March 9, 2018)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan
I don’t usually highlight a single, I prefer reviewing EPs or full length albums. Having written that, I am compelled to review this single on its release date, which is today. Frances Luke Accord (FLA) has an extra base hit on their hands. Will it be a double, triple, or home run? Time will tell. It may go out of the park but that will take more time to determine and more data. ‘Maria’ is definitely on a nice trajectory, we just don’t know where it will land.

FLA did not skip a beat after the release of 2016’s Fluke. If this single proves anything, it proves that FLA was anything but a fluke. In fact they are still bringing it. The “it” I am referring to is the gorgeous and heavenly musical backdrop fronted with some chill worthy vocals and harmonies. Maria is a mere appetizer of the type of material that will appear on their album to be released sometime in 2019.
The first thing that comes right out and smacks me in the face is the beautiful and spacey backing instrumentation. It is so very comforting and peaceful. It rivals the feeling I get when I am looking live at the ocean at sundown. That gives me such a tranquil feeling that this song also seems to replicate. It isn’t just seeing it, it is hearing too and feeling the power of such a large body of water.   
The lyrics and vocals are very ethereal, similar to the instrumentation. It is a relatively short song, clocking in at two minutes, but is packs a wallop in a very small frame. The term short and sweet comes to mind. Maybe it could have been stretched out a little bit. Nah, I need to stop the second guessing. It is perfect the way it is and very capable of stirring up some real emotion. I told you, it is a ‘very’ high quality two minutes. This song belongs on everyone’s playlist. 
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