Patrick Storedahl: Garage Sessions Vol. 1: Her – EP (Patrick Storedahl)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan
Holy cow, this is good! Mighty fine songwriting. And the arrangement, composition, and recording is brilliant. As you know, or should know, I have a penchant for independent music. This is indie AF. But is doesn’t sound home made at all. The sound, mix, and production is professional studio caliber. The transitions from vocals to solos or from lead vocals to harmonies are perfect.
Trying to put a label to describe Patrick’s musical style is not possible. His musical influences and styles he displays are very broad. Too broad to put it in a little tiny box. I think I would need a shipping container. Patrick lists numerous musical influences from The Band to Zevon. With almost everything in between, including The Beach Boys and Nirvana. How can you put all those components in one catch phrase? Can’t do it.
One thing I know about Patrick, whether he is releasing an EP, single, or full length, the music always delivers. Every song on Her is of the highest quality. I am partial to Family Tree (Hi Dee Ho) (Track 5). This is a funky number that will cause movement in all body extremities. In my extensive testing, this song makes it impossible to sit or stand still. Put on song. Add movement. Repeat. 
Patrick has a perfect voice with just enough grit and gravel to make it interesting. He definitely exhibits discipline with his songwriting and production. Drive Like A Christian (Track 1) is a song about a bad driver. Well, partially. I think the driving is a metaphor for someone who is reckless with other people’s feelings. I would contend that Patrick’s singing style is punk folk. And no song exhibits those vocal talents like this one. And by the way, the song is a lovely tune that is very hum-able. 
The transition to Hey Now Ophelia (Track 2) is spot on. This song displays a good bit of funk and some nice horns. And speaking of folk. The intro with Patrick’s vocals and Maria Shimshok’s backing vocals remind me so much of the Byrds from the Laurel Canyon days. As I listen again, I just cannot get enough of that intro, which also doubles as the chorus. Absolute bliss, I kid you not. 
Patrick Storedahl is not a household name when it comes to music. but he should be. I cannot think of any reason why this music wouldn’t be universally loved, other that name recognition. Don’t let that stop you from buying a musical release that will be in serious consideration for one of the “best of” spots. Impress your friends!
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  1. Wow Harry, you’re so kind. Thank you for all of the compliments, I only hope I can live up to them. Hope to talk soon, and can’t wait for you to move to Kalama.


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