Will Kimbrough: I Like It Down Here (Daphne Records under exclusive license to Soundly Music)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

A mid tempo masterpiece. Don’t let the pace fool ya’, what “I Like It Down Here” lacks in speed is made up in spades with vibe. Yes, this album is a vibe machine and evokes a beautiful emotional shield that protects the listener. Beside the pace, every song is completely unique and stands alone quite nicely. This is Will’s first solo release in five years. That is a bit uncommon, since Will’s pattern used to be an album every two years or so. But it isn’t like Will was just relaxing. He is a very sought after producer in addition to his musical prowess.

As soon as I heard the first few bars of When I Get To Memphis (Track 6), I started feeling emotional. Will must know what I like in a song, great writing and super strong harmonies. I think Will nailed it. This song rocks the house down and then there is the slide solo. Wowee! Starting at 2:24, that slide solo cuts through souls like a diamond slicing through glass.

Once the closing notes are heard, there is a small respite until the next beauty begins. It’s A Sin (Track 7) starts like a delta blues gospel song. Something to deliver Sunday learnin’.  Not only is the music heavy, but the lyrics are heavier. Just like the book “To Kill A Mockingbird”, this song is about lost innocence and it is a sin. What a beautiful track.

The album just ended and I am about to hit again. There are ten songs on this collection and definitely a favorite out there for everyone. The songs and albums that make the biggest impact on me are the ones where it happens organically. I find myself almost subconsciously pining for a specific piece of music. That’s what has happened after one listen. It’s a good problem to have. 

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