Emily Duff: Hallelujah Hello (Emily Duff)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan
The uber talented Emily Duff is at it again. She just released here follow up to “Maybe In The Morning” and it is a good one. From New York City by way of Muscle Shoals, this 12 song, 45 minute album will give you more shakes than Baskin Robbins. While “Maybe In The Morning” was a bit more on the rockabilly/honky tonk side of the tracks, “Hallelujah Hello” is pure southern gospel. And Emily nails it. Right down to the stellar backing vocals and the Hammond-esque organ licks all over da place.
Then there is the writing. All the songs seem to be very spiritual, with almost all the songs devoted to the man upstairs. You don’t have to listen very long in order to get a good heavy helping of spirituality. In fact, the first and title track pretty much says it all, Hallelujah Hello (Track 1). If you every need a pick me up, this is it. A very upbeat song that just makes me feel good. I ain’t gonna say more about it. This is a motivational powerhouse. 
Let’s take a trip across to Track 11, Loved Blues. This is a song about redemption. This number is the one departure to the Gospel motif and really takes it down to the blues, hence the name. The slide guitar parts on this song are truly out of this world. It is the perfect set up for Emily’s vocals. Talking about being loved by a power greater than ourselves. Another song of immense power. 
If you aren’t sure if you like Gospel, give Jesus Love This Tired Woman (Track 6). I am solidly convinced that if you were on the fence, this song will absolutely change your mind to the positive. Emily has such a persuasive and infectious voice that she will convert the masses. Maybe that was her goal? Not sure. Whatever her objective, this song definitely meets them, if not exceeds them.
Do I have to say it again? okay, I love local, independent artists. And Emily Duff is just that. Besides being indie as all get out, she is also a stone cold singer songwriter. Since conversion seems to be a central theme of this collection, let me just say you will be converted after one listen. Hallelujah!
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