Beth Bombara: Evergreen (Beth Bombara)

Beth Bombara Evergreen
Reviewed By Harry Kaplan
Poppy love. That’s what I got. Thanks to the beautiful textures and melodies contained in “Evergreen”.  This is the good kind of pop music, good energy, thoughtful lyrics, and performed by the writer. That is a winning formula.
Beth has been active in the music business since 2007, when she launched her solo career. Born and raised in Michigan, Beth now calls St. Louis home , and has since 2007. “Evergreen” is Beth’s seventh release. 
The music on Evergreen is pop leaning with some strong country and Americana influences. A plethora of acoustic guitar fills and a ton of slide guitar pepper this entire release. I would call the entire album a very easy and enjoyable listen. And Beth’s voice is absolutely beautiful. Tinged with just a touch of sadness. 
Tenderhearted (Track 4) is the song that immediately caught my attention. I am a sucker for well executed slide guitar parts and Tenderhearted has a multitude of them. The lyrics are very poignant and offer hope to all of us who are in a  long term relationship:
Tenderhearted lover dreaming fast and wild 
I’ve heard those old stories, you were a curious child 
Grown up to play guitar in a rock and roll band 
Turned your back on the backup plan 

It’s never gonna be perfect 
But I’m still gonna try 
The closest I’ll ever get 
Is you by my side 
All I’m asking is 
Please, come on this ride 

This is a reminder that no relationship is perfect, but they were never meant to be. Beth says, “Let’s not dwell on the negative, let’s focus on the positive.” I am going to listen to Beth. 
The lead into Growing Wings (Track 5) is absolutely fabulous. While Tenderhearted was more upbeat, Growing Wings is definitely more of a melancholy tune. The pace is slower and the overall vibe of this song is a woven tapestry of bitter sweet imagery. The words and vocals are chill inducing. Those piano/keyboard parts are what really elevates this song and takes it to uncharted territory.
I definitely get the feeling that sadness is a continuing theme of this album. No song gives me that feeling any more than Anymore (Track 3). Very edgy music that definitely has an alternative feel to it. Even a little bit on the punk side of things. Punk and country seem to be good partners, as most older punkers eventually gravitate toward this genre.  
Rock and roll is not dead, as previously reported. Beth Bombara puts her own distinctive touch on her version of rock and roll. She has a style that is unique and will not be confused with anybody else. This is an album that will have legs long past 2019 and into the next decade. 
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