Tami Neilson: CHICKABOOM! (Outside Music)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan
Before I get into the music, I want to address Tami’s look. It is a look that is quite familiar to me. This is Baltimore in the late 50s/early 60s. If Tami were around about 35 years ago, she would have been in serious consideration for a role in Hairspray. The original Hairspray directed by the one and only John Waters. The rockabilly tinged tunes on CHICKABOOM! also fit in with the look. This is not garden variety rockabilly. Tami’s voice makes sure of that. Her strong and powerful vocals are equally matched by her range. There is no stress in her singing, she grabs high notes like an acrobat reaching for the trapeze. 
I am definitely in the mood for some straight up, old timey sounding rockabilly, which is why I am choosing Tell Me That You Love Me (Track 7) to be the first track I discuss. This infectious little ditty makes it impossible to sit still when listening. Tami’s strong vocals take first place in this contest. Let’s make it a four-way tie because the lead guitar, bass, and drums are also very important elements. That guitar solo is stellar and equally matched is the rhythm section that holds perfect time. 

How about one that’s a little darker. When I say a little darker, I kid. It’s about as dark as a black hole in space. 16 Miles Of Chain (Track 6) is a song about heartbreak and betrayal and possibly murder. Yes, I said murder. I am not completely sure but something is brewing:
“Come on down from the roof, my dear, see what I have found
Into the chest that I love best, I pushed that black heart down
And in my lovers face I saw betrayal and the pain
And now I’m tied to that cold black heart with 16 miles of chain”
I will let the reader and listener be the judge as to how the story ends. Tami leaves us something for the imagination.
Call Your Mama (Track 1) is more blues influenced. No problem, Tami has the blues covered. Her voice is all encompassing and perfect on this track. Another song about betrayal and heartbreak.  Tami writes from a strong woman’s point of view and will not tolerate any nonsense. Damn straight. Don’t mess with the victim in this story. Treat her right or you will be out the door. Or worse! 
The common theme of CHICKABOOM! is pure rock and roll, the way it ought to be. No frills or overproduction, just great singing, writing, and musicianship. The songs are all very listenable and are begging to be played more than once. I for one have already followed my own advice. 
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