Girls On Grass: Spill Your Guts b/w Who’s Gonna Cry

Reviewed by Mae Hunt

In a fearless, edgy, and downright badass single, Girls on Grass put their musically talented heads together to create a fiery and politically-charged sound. The three band members, Barbara Endes (vocals, guitar), Nancy Polstein (vocals, drums), and Dave Mandl (bass) combine punk rock with elements of country to create all-encompassing, emotionally-stimulating, and instrumentally-exciting music. 

Girls on Grass, a historically anti-capitalist, pro-LGTBTQ rights, and politically oriented band, has not not veered from their past on this one. Spill Your Guts is appropriately titled as Endes truly does spill her guts with empowering and honest lyrics. This song shares Endes’ experience coming out and the feelings of freedom that follow. Endes’ powerful vocals intermix with an on-again off-again but oh-so-powerful harmonica that adds to the excitement of the song. Endes admits, “I let the straight world control my head,” but then proudly declares, “I spilled my guts, I let the doubts fall out!” The free flowing and unrestrained instruments emulate the emotional release that follows coming out.

Who’s Gonna Cry is yet another unapologetic and opinionated piece accompanied by flaming instrumentals. This upbeat song is a not-so-subtle condemnation of our current president, full of urgency and anticipation of his hopeful fall from presidency. The 2 minute and 30 second song includes sounds ranging from twangy guitar to upbeat percussion. Endes exclaims: “When you go down, down for all time, we’ll have a ball, this whole fuckin’ town will go crazy!” 

I love when unapologetic lyrics and honesty meet raw talent. Girls on Grass is a consummate example of this perfect storm. 

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