Mike Stapleton: Dark And Deep (Twangri-La Records)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Mike found me, I didn’t find Mike. About a year and a half ago, I got a message on Facebook from Mike about his music. I get a lot of music and it runs the gamut. Some is fantastic, but most of it really isn’t my style. I try not to say “good or “bad” since it is just a matter of taste and opinion. So when I got the package from Mike with his first two CDs, my expectations weren’t too high. Once I listened, I was a convert. I couldn’t believe my ears. The singing, songwriting, musical composition, and overall sound was fantastic. I ended up putting Mike’s first two albums on Twangri-La Radio, where they remain in full rotation.

When I was starting the record label, Mike was one of the first people to reach out and offer his support. When he told me he wanted to put an album out on Twangri-La Records, I was ecstatic. Once I heard the demos, I knew we had a winner. The songs are great and the subject matter is dealt with so eloquently.

Mike has had issues with depression and anxiety his entire life. As a fellow sufferer of such ailments, I know how debilitating it can be. Rather than retreat, Mike decided to become a musician and tell his story through his songs. It is incredibly inspirational to see someone with these obstacles not only work past them, but completely destroy them. I know Mike’s main hope is that his music can comfort people and get them through some of life’s tougher moments.

The first single off the album is Worst of Me and it is about ego and those times when our ego gets bruised and causes us to make decisions that we probably will regret at some point. Stapleton eloquently explores this subject and even adds a touch of humor to describe something that is by any measure very difficult to articulate. Mike doesn’t have any problem. He can be our collective voice. The opening guitar riff for this song is absolutely gorgeous and seems to be right out of the alternative music playbook from 88 through 92.

There are no shortage of sad songs on Dark And Deep, but that isn’t a bad. Country music and folk music is supposed to evoke emotions. On My Own evokes enough emotion for three songs. It is value packed full of emotion. You need to be ready. Once you make it to the end of the 2 minute and 53 second song, you will definitely feel better. Sometimes a good tear purging is all we need.

Things aren’t always what they seem. Take the song Leather Cross, for instance. The title song has a split personality. The music is very peaceful and serene, but the words reveal a different story. This story is about a man running from his past and making leather crosses for people almost as a way to heal his soul. Mike dedicated this album to his deceased father. It is a wonderful song that reveals pain and sadness.

This isn’t necessarily party music. This music is deep (hence the album title, Dark And Deep) and is not to be taken lightly. Mike’s soothing voice is our tour guide through this 15 song experience. It’s the voice that keeps us from completely losing it. As I have stated before, Mile has a voice that everyone can love. Once you listen, it will be difficult not to get smitten with Mike Stapleton.

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