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I feel so unsatisfied with what is portrayed as Country Music on terrestrial radio, television, and conventional media. That, to me, is nothing more that vapid pop music.  Shallow lyrics with slick overproduced music and vocals doesn’t really give that “WOW” feeling.  I get that feeling when I hear real music by real people singing about topics that are important to them and written in a creative and intelligent manner.  If I don’t hear another song about a softball league or drinking a beer in the back of a pickup truck down by the lake, that is fine with me.

Hopefully, this site will allow you to expand your horizons and realize that there is another world of real country music out there.  Just under the surface, and with our help, you won’t have to dig too deep.  Feel free to look, listen, and most importantly, feel.  Send us your comments.  We would love to hear from you!

Harry Kaplan



I also believe in supporting local artists that are not attached to corporate interests.  They do what they love because that is their passion.  One such artist is Patricia L. Brown.  She does museum quality work.  Go to her website and look at some of the paintings and drawings she has done.  You will want to buy them!


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