The Sailor & The Siren by Jeremy & Lynne Featuring the Typical Johnsons

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

I love the CD cover. It is done in the vintage tattoo style and it is beautiful. I know it is just the cover, but sometimes you can judge a CD by its cover. If the album art appeals to me, there is a better chance that I will like the music inside. Not always, but most times. In this case, I do. This is a WOW. The music lives up to the cover and then some. Really good alt-country and rock and roll. Definitely southern rock and country based. Very smart lyrics and exquisitely produced tracks will put this release in heavy rotation in my music library. Lucero comes to mind when I listen to this, although the vocals by Jeremy & Lynne are more soothing. But something about Lucero strikes a chord with me when I listen to The Sailor & The Siren.

Jeremy and Lynne have been long time friends but just started writing and playing music in 2012. If they are this good after four years, I can’t imagine what their music will sound like at 10 years. It can only get better and better. Great playing and vocals are certainly a focal point of this release. Jeremy & Lynne’s songs seem to center around their life experiences, successes, and failures. They have the ability to go full disclosure and write about the good, the bad, and the ugly. I for one, appreciate their honesty and ability to expose themselves in their song writing. It makes for some very profound and heavy moments on The Sailor & The Siren.

The CD consists of eight tracks, six songs and two bonus tracks which are different mixes of two previous songs. It is essentially an EP. But every song is wonderful and there are no throw-aways. Here is a link to a good sampling of their works. Once you are convinced, you can buy The Sailor & The Siren here

I am eagerly awaiting the next release. Hopefully, a full length offering is in the works. 

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