Go Tell Your Friends by The Emily Duff Band on Mr. Mudshow Music

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

I say Got Damn!!! This is downright filthy and fantastic. Gritty and raw! There is nothing like the feeling when you listen to something and it gives you that euphoric feeling. Go Tell Your Friends does that for me no other substances required. The first listen had me hooked. Duff’s vocals are a little gruff but lines up perfectly with the subject matter of her songs. Her songs tell stories about the ups and downs of life. She frames it in a way that is not depressing, but rather uplifting. I can’t get enough of this.

Emily was born and raised in NYC & started playing out in the late 80’s. Her music is described as a cross between Lucina Williams and Patti Smith. I think that description is perfect. She brings a punk rock sensibility to country music. The Emily Duff Band is Emily Duff on rhythm guitar & lead vocals, Skip Ward on bass, Scott Aldrich on lead guitar & vocals, Kenny Soule on Drums, Charlie Giordano on keys and Sherryl Marshall on harmony vocals.

I beg you to go to her Bandcamp site and give her some love! She and her band deserve it. 


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