Hill EP by Jeff Fein

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

A great musician and singer. Jeff Fein is a singer songwriter from Hoboken New Jersey. He is almost a one man band. He plays all of the instruments on Hill except the drums on Emily Freshman, Two At A Time, Memory Full, and Shelter Situation. It seems that piano is his strongest and most comfortable instrument. He definitely reminds me of a younger version of Billy Joel and a little Joe Jackson. His songs are fun and a little quirky but also well executed. Although the songs have elements of humor, they are not novelty songs. They are serious compositions.

It is great to have the ability to fuse humor and storytelling in a way to paint a picture and still keep perspective. Fein does that exceedingly well in all tracks. Emily Freshman (Track 1) is the best example of that. This number is about a college girl exploring her freedom for the first time. The song tells a nice story but definitely uses humorous metaphors to assist in the story telling. I can see Jeff Fein having a nice career playing these catchy numbers for years to come. Go to the Bandcamp site and plunk down the 3 bucks for this EP (3 bucks? What a bargain!) Fein also has two other EPs he released this year, Tie Dye Wifi and Friday Yin Yang which I will review later. Until then, enjoy Hill.

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