Product by The SHRIMPS

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

It’s hard to believe that a duo on acoustic guitars can make music so amazing and unique that it truly stands out. Well, The SHRIMPS have done it on their 2015 release Product. It is hard to truly articulate what it is that makes Product great, but I will try. First, the harmonies are unique and blend extremely well together. Maybe the fact that these guys are brothers has something to do with that. Also, there is a certain amount of slop and fray around the edges that make this beautiful. Something slickly produced may sound good at first, but the production washes away the feeling and soul. This is the antithesis of that. There is nothing but feeling and soul. Again, to make something this fresh and unique on acoustic guitar is truly an accomplishment.

Here is a little bit about the band. The SHRIMPS are a two brother acoustic rock band who do all their songwriting and performing, totally self-contained. Marcus and Simon Benjamin are the brothers in question. They share the writing and vocal duties equally. It is a true democracy. The Everly Brothers come to mind. Maybe if the Everly Brothers were introduced to punk, that is how this would sound.

Product by The SHRIMPS is a keeper (fishing reference). These guys are definitely jumbo shrimp not the little bitty shrimps that you see sometimes on the cheap Vegas buffets. This is quality shrimp and a quality release. Try it, then buy it.

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